Incorporating Aberdeen Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic

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Welcome To Injurytime

Welcome to Injurytime

Aberdeen Sports & Spinal Injuries Clinic was established in 1990 to provide comprehensive facilities for the PHYSIOTHERAPY treatment, management & rehabilitation of injuries. Which is now incorporated into Injurytime physiotherapy ltd in 2013.

The clinic insures a professional and high quality approach to assist individuals in returning to full activity.

Along with this, we offer a wide range of services and facilities to make it a pleasant visit including on site parking.

Our Staff

Injurytime Staff

All staff are directly involved in a variety of sports, recognising the urgent needs of our patients thereby enabling an early and safe return to work or sport.

We provide specialist, professional care for back and neck problems. All staff have a post graduate education in the specialist management to assist individuals suffering with spine related problems. We work hard in order to reduce pain and assist in the return to everyday activity and work.

All patients will be clinically assessed and a treatment plan formulated. Continual re-assessments are made enabling the physiotherapists to give specific advice and appropriate treatment programmes.

Injurytime Treatments

Sports Injury

Aches and pains can reduce your ability to participate in all sports and will impair or reduce your performance. A visit to a qualified physiotherapist can eliminate these restrictions from your chosen sport and hence improve your overall result. Prevention is better than cure – Advice will be given on both injury prevention and management.

Back Pain

Back pain can be severe and recurring. Do you need advice on how to manage your pain? Professional assessment of the situation with advice and a management plan can assist in reducing pain and minimising recurrence.

Joint Problems

Arthritic problems, injury or following surgery if your joints are painful, weak or limited in movement it can be difficult to continue with all your activities. Physiotherapy can assist. Treatment advice and exercise programmes can rehabilitate you back to activity and return to sport.

Work Related Injuries

Numerous days of work are lost through back, neck and joint problems which are the most common cause of chronic incapacity. Several musculoskeletal problems do not require or benefit from a period of absence from work. Ensure these are assessed and managed appropriately in a short time frame.

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