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The McKenzie method is an overall program of management & advice related to injury, prevention and return to full recovery. The method involves a thorough mechanical diagnosis and therapy guided by specialist trained physiotherapists in order to maximise potential. The method is evidence based and successful in the management of many back and joint problems.

The Aberdeen Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic is one of only two accredited mechanical diagnosis and therapy clinics in Scotland demonstrating the highest standard for clinical management of musculoskeletal problems, back and neck problems. The clinic principle, Jenny Johnson is a senior and international member of the Mckenzie institute with experience in the management of back and neck problems.

“The McKenzie Method was developed by New Zealand based physiotherapist, Robin McKenzie. It consists of a comprehensive mechanical evaluation which assesses the effect of repetitive movements and/or static positioning on the patient’s symptoms. This mechanical diagnosis enables the physiotherapist to develop a mechanical treatment strategy aimed not only at resolving the patient’s current symptoms, but also at long term prevention of recurrence.”

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Along with offering a mechanical diagnosis therapy for your back & neck problem, we can also provide:

  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Core Stability Exercise
  • Individual Exercise
  • Group Classes
  • Ergonomic Advice

Back pain and pregnancy

During pregnancy, the changing hormones combined with the additional weight of the baby may cause back pain. Changes in posture such as rounded shoulders and increased extension of the lumbar spine may lead to further back problems. Legs can also become swollen and uncomfortable. Pilates helps to maintain normal postural alignment, improve core stability and facilitate better circulation.

After pregnancy and labour, the deep core muscles of the spine, abdomen and pelvis are weakened in response to the changing demands on the body. Incontinence or bladder control is also a common problem for women after childbirth due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Pilates helps to strengthen these muscles to regain core control, correct muscle imbalances and address other pregnancy-associated women’s health issues.

McKenzie Method International Accredited Clinic

Injurytime is an accredited McKenzie clinic. Picture - L.Dott (CEO of The Mckenzie Institute International, New Zealand) & J.Johnson (Senior Faculty Member of The Mckenzie Institute International)