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Aches and pains can reduce your ability to participate in all sports and will impair or reduce your performance. A visit to a qualified physiotherapist can eliminate these restrictions from your chosen sport and hence improve your overall result. Prevention is better than cure – Advice will be given on both injury prevention and management.

Are you Fit For Sport?

  • Help in understanding the possible causes of injury to assist in the prevention of further injury and recurrence of injury.
  • Assist you to return to an appropriate level of sport and activity
  • A full profiling service, identifying areas of possible development to help enhance performance and minimise injury
  • Members of staff are qualified to provide a comprehensive service to enhance your level of participation in your chosen sporting activity

When Should You …

  • Rest Your Injury?
  • Move Your Injury?
  • Progress The Exercises To Minimise Injury
  • Use Ice or Heat Effectively
  • Stretch & Strengthen

Functional Movement Screening and physiotherapy Profiling

Physiotherapy profiling utilises a functional screening approach to analyse performance during selected activities.

The analysis is then used to identify any limitations or weaknesses that could place the individual at risk of injury or limited performance (O’Connor et al 2011).

Following the analysis and assessment of the findings , an individualised program of exercise and stretching will be formulated to help assist in reducing any weakness and thus reducing the chance of injuries (Meir et al 2007).


Pilates is an exercise method that begins movements from a central core and is designed to promote core stability, flexibility, muscular endurance, postural and body awareness and correct muscle imbalances.

Exercises can also be tailored to your specific sport. As each sport and injury places different demands on your body, the therapist will work closely with you to identify your needs and provide the exercises you specifically require to meet, and exceed these challenges.

The therapist providing pilates instruction is trained and qualified to provide suitable exercises.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a therapy used to ease muscular pain and tightness. The trigger point (palpable source of pain) in the muscle belly is targeted and released using a very thin needle that is threaded into the site of pain. Differing to acupuncture this technique utilises one needle at a time and is effectively used for both chronic and acute muscular relaxation.

Therapists providing this treatment are fully trained in the technique.

Our Guarantee

Injurytime's Guarantee

You will receive thorough assessment and treatment by a qualified physiotherapist following which a management plan will be agreed and explained to you thoroughly. An appropriate treatment will be given and we will advise you on how you can maximise this with home exercises. If we are unable to help, we will direct you towards other professionals who may be in a position to offer different advice/management.

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